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 Welcome to the Retirees' legal issues forum!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Retirees' legal issues forum!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:08 pm

Dear all members and viewers,

This forum is dedicated for retirees to find or share the information about the legal issues associated with the Thailand foreign retiree law. Although information posted here is proven to be useful for many and updated, it is always wise to consult your lawyer about the legal issue you are facing. This forum will only act as a guideline for you so that when you go and talk to the lawyer, you actually know what you are dealing with (Trust me the more research you do, the better result when meeting with a lawyer)

Many lawyer firm in Thailand, that claim to help you with all source of issues in Thailand, can be disappointed. Money seems to always be the issue where actually it is the laws itself that they need to be concentrated on. Be sure to consult other members in case others have face the same issues as you do so that you can get some valuable advices, and walk into the lawyer firm with confidences.

Best Regards,
TalkinThai Forum Administrator

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Welcome to the Retirees' legal issues forum!
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