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 What it take to retire in Thailand!

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PostSubject: What it take to retire in Thailand!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:40 pm

What a dream for you to retire in a tropical paradise like Thailand. But, it is not like a walk in park when it comes to the legal isuues, and the paper works (not including money, of course). Avoid scam, and all the fake services out there are the key. Many claims to be one stop shop for foreigners who dream of coming to retire in Thailand and live like a king! Before we get into all these details, there are things for you to consider;

1) The location where you want to be in Thailand?
2) The initial budget you can invest when you first arrive in Thailand?
3) How much you get each month on your pension?
4) What type of community you like to live in Thailand?
5) Do you plan to do some business here in Thailand?
6) Do you plan to buy a property here in Thailand?
7) Do you plan to marry a local or bring your spouse here?
Cool Where can you find help in Thailand?

These are the main questions that are needed the answers before even you touch you foot in Thailand soil. Because you want to retire in Thailand happily, it is wise to solve all thess trouble first from you homeland before you come to Thailand. If you do find the answer for all questions above, you can, then, proceed with the first step of retiring in Thailand , How to obtain the Thailand retirement visa.
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What it take to retire in Thailand!
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